BioGuano BAGS
BioGuano BAGS
BioGuano BAGS
BioGuano BAGS
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BioGuano BAGS

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For fertilizing and fertilizing:

  • All kinds of vegetables, herbs and spices and grassy areas.
  • All kinds of fruit trees, berries, citrus, vines, olives and strawberries.
  • Blooming and green flowers of all kinds: garden, balcony, indoor.

Advantages of using BioGuano fertilizer:

  • It is authorized for use in organic production in the EU.
  • Suitable for organic production in accordance with the regulations for organic farming ( Certificate on suitability of products for use in organic production of the UM, Faculty of Agriculture and Biosystem Sciences, Institute for Organic Agriculture No. 007/2014 ).
  • 100% organic pure and balanced, odorless and rich in nutrients.
  • Nutrients are released slowly and evenly from the fertilizer.
  • It has a fast and long-lasting effect.
  • Eliminates soil acidity and accelerates the formation of humus.
  • It improves the yield, quality and taste of the crop and the resistance of the plants.
  • Safe use of the surface without restriction (grace period).
  • It does not contain slaughterhouse waste or hazardous substances.
  • An overdose is not harmful.


  • In dry and shady places at a temperature between 0 o C and 35 o C.
  • The product is not food, so we store it separately.
  • The term of use is unlimited , following the instructions.

Instructions for use:

  • Sprinkle the fertilizer evenly around the already planted plant or in the soil prepared for it. It is recommended to do this just before it rains or simply cover with water.
  • The powder form of the fertilizer can also be mixed with water.
  • Enrich your compost/soil/substrate by mixing in 400g of fertilizer/50l.


Fertilizer form : POWDER and PELLETS
Packaging: 7.5 kg (for more than 250 m 2 ) and EXCLUSIVE 15 kg (for more than 450m 2 )