350 - 450 kg of BioGuano fertilizer is sufficient for 1 ha of arable land (depending on the plant, composition or soil analysis, etc.). ''


For fertilizing and fertilizing:

  • All kinds of crops, vegetables, herbs and spices.
  • All kinds of fruit trees, berries, citrus, vines, olives and strawberries.
  • All kinds of blooming and green flowers.
  • All types of grass surfaces.

Advantages of using BioGuano fertilizer:

  • It is authorized for use in organic production in the EU.
  • Suitable for organic production in accordance with the regulations for organic farming ( Certificate on suitability of products for use in organic production of the UM, Faculty of Agriculture and Biosystem Sciences, Institute for Organic Agriculture No. 007/2014 ).
  • Concentrated natural replacement for mineral fertilizers, for basic and supplementary fertilization of all types of plants.
  • 100% organic, pure and balanced fertilizer, odorless and rich in nutrients, which provides plants with the best conditions for quality and optimal absorption of nutrients in all phases of their development.
  • Heat-treated fertilizer - free of disease germs and weed seeds.
  • High dry matter content (87.4%) enables low consumption of fertilizer.
  • Homogeneous fertilizer with a constant amount of nutrients and organic matter.
  • Gradual release of nutrients that have an effect over a longer period of time.
  • It improves the yield, quality, color, smell and taste of the crop.
  • Eliminates soil acidity and improves soil structure in the long term and accelerates the formation of humus.
  • It improves plant resistance and strengthens the root system.
  • Quick, easy and precise spreading of pellets with a fertilizer spreader or by hand on small areas.
  • It does not contain slaughterhouse waste or hazardous substances.
  • Safe use of the surface without restriction (grace period).
  • An overdose is not harmful.
  • Suitable for indoor and outdoor use; in production, in the garden / field, in the orchard, in the vineyard, etc.


  • In dry and shady places at a temperature between 0 o C and 35 o C.
  • The product is not food, so we store it separately.
  • The term of use is unlimited , following the instructions.

Instructions for use:

  • Sprinkle the fertilizer evenly around the already planted plant or in the soil prepared for it. It is recommended to do this just before it rains or simply cover with water.


Where do I submit an inquiry?

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